About FreeLego.co.uk:

A funky website that gives away Lego sets to our UK members 100% free of charge:


If you are at all confused about the site, and how it works then we have created this simple overview to ensure you fully understand what to do to get your free Lego!

Step One (Choosing Lego):

The first thing you will need to do is choose your free Lego from the home page.

Step Two (Username and password):

Enter your E-mail address and the password you would like to use with the site in the form on the main page.

Step Three (Personal details):

Carefully enter your name and address, then press submit.

Step Four (Check your E-mail):

When the website tells you to, you should check your E-mail. IMPORTANT: Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo and other web-mail users should check their junk E-mail folders as our E-mails sometimes get placed there. You must validate your account to receive your free Lego.

Step Five (Activation confirmation):

Once you have clicked the activation link in your E-mail, you should receive a confirmation message, which means you have completed registration successfully.

Step Six (Logging in):

Now that you are a member, you can log-in to your account by visiting the members area and entering the details that you provided when registering.

Step Seven (Completing an offer):

In order to qualify for your chosen Lego, you MUST complete one of our sponsored offers. To do this, you should visit the offers page in the members area. Once you have found an offer you wish to complete, you should click the banner, or the link, then complete the offer's requirements. Note, if you do not visit the site via the banner or link you will not be credited, and therefore will not qualify for the free Lego. You will be notified in the members area when your offer has been approved.

Step Eight (Your referral link):

The next step is to refer your friends to sign-up and complete an offer. You must use the address found in the members area to do this. When you have successfully referred a friend, information about them (e.g. if they have completed an offer or not) will be displayed below the link in the members area.

Step Nine (Referring Friends):

A good way of referring friends, is to send them an E-mail about the site, and include your referral link from step 8. Of course, feel free to do something more creative! Note, link spamming is taken very seriously, and may result in you not receiving your free Lego. Please see our terms and conditions for more information on this issue.

Final Step (Receiving your Lego!):

Sure, it took a bit of work but once you have referred all of your friends a link will appear in your members area and you can "order" your Lego, we will then approve the order and post it asap! Sit back and relax while you wait it to arrive knowing you have saved hundreds of pounds!

That's it! You really can get a free Lego from ourselves, so why not register right now and join the thousands of UK registered users already earning their free Lego?


The reason is simple. Everybody loves a freebie, and everybody loves Lego. Given the depressing state of the economy many people are missing out on the Lego they deserve because they have less money. We offer a way for anybody to receive a lovely shiney Lego set free of charge - we guarantee it will put a smile on your face!